Fabulous Pools from Around the World!

Beautiful pool. . .’Live for More’ in Panama!

Bali is a place where time stands still and the soul is nourished.

The heart and soul of India lies in Dehli. . .

There are no bridges over the Amazon River; but there are some beautiful pools in it. . .

A fabulous pool in Iquitos (Peru), gateway to the Amazion and the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road.

Shanghqi features an eye-catching, futuristic skyline; and some beautiful swiming pools to complement it!

No doubt that incredible swimming pools help make Thailand the ‘Land of Smiles’!

The incredible Taj Mahal speaks for itself and the pool just mirrors it perfectly.

Another lovely pool in India. . .

This massive pool complex in Tokyo is in the Aquatics Center that was the site of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Featuring two pools and a diving pool, the total construction cost was 56.7 billion ¥!

Dubai touches the sky with the world’s tallest building, but visitors can also refresh in one of many luxurious pools, incluidng the world’s deepest fresh water pool at 60 meters / 197 feet deep). Who’s buying the clarifier?

Rhodes (Greece) is home to cliff diving and beautiful beaches, but also some lovely pools with incredible views!

One of many typical residential pools in Florida, featuring a fully screened enclosure to maximize enjoyment throughout the lengthy Florida pool season!

Sometimes our animal friends also need a place to take a refreshing dip. . .

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