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When corporate acquisitions shook the industry, Jim Melnicoff and his wife, Deysi, forged Clear Blue Water Tech, LLC in June 2020 with global bulk chemical sales. Since then the company acquired its manufacturing, and initiated private labeled products. Now, in time for the 2024 pool & spa season, they are introducing their own line of quality Affinity™-branded specialty pool & spa products under Clear Blue Water Tech.

Jim’s journey in the pool industry began at the age of 16, when he honed his skills in pool construction during the summers while grappling on his collegiate wrestling team in upstate New York.

After a brief stint as a Financial Advisor at American Express (later Ameriprise), Jim’s passion for pools and spas emerged. With multiple roles of ever-increasing responsibility over several decades in the field of specialty chemicals for pools and spas, Jim’s experience in senior roles for major chemical companies worldwide, along with his business acumen (and an MBA for good measure) allowed him to cultivate an innate understanding of distinguished brands.

Jim has drawn on that depth of experience to build Clear Blue Water Tech, LLC and its quality line of Affinity™ Pool & Spa Products.

Aligned with seasoned experts, including formulation chemists, and other industry experts, Clear Blue Water Tech is pioneering groundbreaking solutions, prioritizing consumer-friendly, natural, and eco-conscious components in its formulation and manufacturing of pool and spa products.

Today, Clear Blue Water Tech caters to both domestic and international markets, supplying an array of chemical specialties and technologies across the US, Canada, China, Japan, Europe, and Australia. It is an active supplier of natural products.

Clear Blue’s specialties include chitosan clarifiers, and enzyme products, as well as products formulated for your convenience such as liquid cyanuric acid. Clear Blue Water Tech also offers clarifier gel pods, and other novel delivery systems, and liquid solar / anti-evaporation formulas. The Affinity™ line currently includes lanthanum-based phosphate removers and metal sequestering agents. Special combination chemistries, defoamers, flocculants, and other offerings round out the line and span a spectrum of problem-solving solutions.

The Affinity™ brand of pool and spa products heralds these advancements with vibrant packaging, swift-acting solutions, and competitive pricing. Our brand mascot, “The Professor,” embodies the assurance of the smartest treatment for pools and spas, instilling confidence in owners and retailers alike.

Jim, a former university wrestler, martial artist, boxer, and still a passionate cyclist, embodies a commitment to fitness. Just as he is dedicated to staying in his best shape, he’s dedicated to ensuring your pool stays at its best!

Our commitment is establishing genuine partnerships with our customers and clients, by providing innovative, safe, and effective solutions for problems experienced by pool and spa owners everywhere.

Welcome to Affinity™ Pool & Spa Products, where innovation meets excellence for your aquatic havens.

We look forward to doing business.

Clear Blue Water Tech founders, James & Deysi Melnicoff
reflecting at the pool at the amazing Taj Mahal!

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